My Views

Community Development

Our community will be stronger when we focus on the two most important things, security and our well being.  This is reflected in having strong public safety in place, supporting our police, firefighters, and emergency/disaster response infrastructure.  Our well being is secured by having this safety net followed by a strong public education system where our kids get the tools they need to do well in school and we reward and revere the teachers who are making a difference.  This also means we have access to affordable health care that is comprehensive and supports disease prevention.  I want to keep taxes low and ensure we are getting maximum value for all public dollars spent in the district and our state.

Employment Education and the Environment

Our EEEs should be AAA. The way out of poverty is through a good job and a good education.  My agenda will be to support legislation that rewards employers who invest in their employees and in our district.  On education, our schools should be in good condition and our teachers respected for the important role they play in our youth's lives.  Next to your parents and immediate family, the one person who has the ability to influence the course of young person's life is a teacher.  So teachers have to embrace this sacred role as one of the vanguards of our community.  Every child has a right to a good education that will prepare him or her to be a contributing member of our community.  State policies must reflect this.

On the environment, clear air and water are another right all of us have.  We also cannot ignore the weather and climatic changes going on around us.  Science must be our guide to making informed policy decisions. 

Responsible Gun Ownership

The 2nd Amendment is a Constitutional amendment that guarantees each of us the right to bear arms.  Owning a gun has life-changing implications and responsibilities for the gun owner and for our society. I support things like mandatory gun safety instruction for gun owners; educating our kids on guns so they understand them in a way beyond what they see in movies or on TV; mandatory mental health and background checks; having a robust dialogue with gun owners to address how to improve safety and awareness and how and what that should look like.  No one wants to take away guns from legal gun owners.  We don't want people who are mentally ill or have known criminal backgrounds to get their hands on guns.  We don't want any more school shootings.  We need to work together and sensibly to protect our people. 

Civil Rights

I am opposed to discrimination on the account of race, sex, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.  I believe we should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

That is the context for my civil rights agenda.